Zuku Fiber has a Telegram bot for checking out your bills



Telegram Messenger’s bot platform is one of the most interesting aspects of the chat network where developers use the APIs provided by the company to come up with automated accounts. We have seen bots that provide you with news, weather alerts, top music and the rest.

Bots too have been used as a customer service tool by companies where they provide a way for people to access their services easily. A good example is the bot made by Kenya Power bot that lets you check out your bill among other things. Now, Zuku has a Telegram bot and it works almost the same as the Kenya Power Telegram bot.

Zuku Fiber bot

On the timeline, there is the usual “Start”button that we see on bots when you first interact with it. Hitting the button activates the /start command which reveals a menu below the text box that shows you the various services the bot offers.

One feature that is different from the Kenya Power Telegram bot is that it requires you to first add your account number so as to save you multiple taps when requesting for a particular service. On the Kenya Power bot, you have to always add your account number everytime when submitting a request. When you add your account number (Typing # then the number and tapping the MyZuku A/C tab), it will save the number and you will be set to submit requests. You can check your bill, phone airtime balance, how to contact them and ways to pay your bill.

It is good that companies are embracing Telegram to provide such services to their customers and the chat service should probably come up with a proper platform to create bots for corporates. These are the kind of features that will drive more people to Telegram and that is why they record a relatively high growth rate.

You can check out the bot by clicking here or search for “ZukuFiberbot” on your Telegram Messenger client or app.


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