Snapchat made a subtle yet important change to your snaps



Snapchat is already a pretty popular social networking site with a user base in its hundreds of millions but still, there is room for growth. One way of growing is improving the core functionality of the app and this is what Snapchat has been doing this year.

The latest update on the platform has been one of the most idiosyncratic features of Snapchat….caption overlays on snaps. You could only type a caption with a maximum of 40 characters before and it limited you to write longer captions on your snaps. Well, the company announced a change to that on April Fools day….and no, it was not a joke.

In the new update, they effectively doubled the maximum character count on Snap captions to 80 characters. It may not be technically as long as tweets, but it is a welcome update to those people who would have wanted to write more stuff about the particular snap.

The past week has been rather busy for Snapchat after they were linked to two major stories: Acquisition of the Bitmoji maker Bitstrips and the major Chat 2.0 update. We are still not sure what Snapchat wants to do with Bitstrips but the latter news about the new chat was more than welcome. It introduced video calling, voice notes, stickers, photo and video sharing in one neat update. This actually signaled that Snapchat doesn’t want to be left behind in the messaging space and they did it with style and aplomb. The future is bright for Snapchat and still have one major hurdle to overcome, monetizing the platform effectively.