Just the other day, we saw the global launch of the new Tecno Camon CX. The Camon series is Tecno’s avenue to showcase their smartphone photography prowess. Seeing as to how the Camon C9 flew off the shelves last year, it will be interesting to see how the CX will be received this year.

Having just received the device, unboxed it and tried a few things on it, here’s my first impressions of the Camon CX:

What’s in the box…

First things first. The Camon CX comes in a sleek black box, that’s super stealthy. Tecno is really ticking all the right packaging marks. Inside the box there’s a charger, USB cable, earphones, flip case, usual paper work and an odd-looking sim ejector tool.

Odd-looking sim ejector tool, does it make you want to eat corned beef?


The build quality is amazing. That aluminium uni-body does the trick when it comes to getting attention. We have the champagne gold version, or is it rose gold? Anyway, it looks good. Feels good and will definitely get the attention it deserves. Just be careful, the phone is quite slippery and a fingerprint magnet.

The display wows you. Tecno have managed to hack the quality of the display and I have to congratulate them on it. Colours look great, everything pops.

The cameras… Well, let’s just way we need more time trying this one out. The shots we have managed to take so far have elicited mixed reactions, however they are good, and I just don’t want to jump ahead of myself here. See what we have so far:

The Camon CX does have a rear-mounted fingerprint reader, which is the ideal position. When it comes to unlocking the device, it does so fast enough not to bore you. It does have other gesture based functions such as taking a snap while in selfie mode and answering calls.

I will be using the Tecno Camon CX as my main device, pictures shot on the device will be posted on our Instagram account, ensure you follow us there. If you have any questions about the Camon CX feel free to ask.



  1. They should allow me to trade my C9 for the CX. The one thing I’m not a fan of about the C9 is the Iris instead of Fingerprint. Given the limitations of Iris Biometrics, esp lighting, I would definitely prefer fingerprint which is the more mature biometrics.

  2. Nice review, my major concern is on the battery capacity. Does it truely last when data connection is turned on?

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