Hack To Buy A Full Year of Showmax For Only Kshs 1000

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The rise of video on demand services means that people end up choosing the payment plan that is most favourable to them. Usually you will find these bouquets are priced accordingly based on the features they offer where you get more features when you go up the tier.

In Kenya, a Showmax subscription costs Kshs 880 per month, which is the Premium version. This means that if you end up paying monthly for a year, you will end up paying Kshs 10,560. However, there is a hack that can allow you to pay for a full year subscription to Showmax Premium for only Kshs 1000!

Here is how it works:

Showmax’s MPESA promotion lets you pay for a subscription for only KES 250 for three months – a saving of KES 2,390.  Go to your profile on Showmax, tap on “My Account”, “Manage Subscription” and tap on the blue “Subscribe Now” button. This will give you several options of paying for your payment methods. Choose MPESA.

You will be given three options. Choose the middle one where you pay KES 250 for three months subscription. To pay for this, select MPESA Paybill on your MPESA menu, enter Business number 852852, enter your mobile number as your account number, enter the total amount KES 250, enter your PIN and validate the transaction. When you get your confirmation SMS from MPESA, head over to the website and tap on the blue “Validate MPESA” button to complete.

In order for you to have a full year of Showmax for only Kshs 1000, simply repeat the above process four times in a row. When you verify your subscription expiry date by checking it under “Manage Subscription” in your My Account settings, you’ll see that you’ll have Showmax for the whole of the next year and you’ll have spent less than 10% of what you’d normally pay.


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