Bored? This App Lets You Simulate a FaceTime Call with Your Favourite Celebrities Including Cardi B, Kim K and Post Malone

Can't. Busy getting hair tips from Kim Kardashian.


FlexTimeAre you trying to flex on your friends by trying to look cooler and pretend you know people in higher places such as celebrities and influencers? Well, FlexTime is here to save make this happen. This app will convince your friends that you are buddies with celebrities like LeBron James, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Ariana Grande, and Maisie Williams plus up to 40 celebrities and influencers and you can, in fact, FaceTime them at any moment.

FlexTime, an app made by Brooklyn-based creative agency MSCHF, does this by simulating a FaceTime call using clips from live streams and Instagram Stories posted by various celebrities. The videos are saved using a screen recorder which are then played as standard FaceTime calls.

You can then screenshot the video to share on social media platforms to make it evident that you can contact influencers and celebrities any time you feel like as a weird flex as make your friends jealous. The videos look strange by themselves as they have rounded edges at the inset facecam that slightly overlap the status bar making them look unreal

The 1% battery life which is going to infuriate your followers more than the fake call itself.

I want to try it out

Try the browser extension on desktop and for mobile, head over to and start tapping on the list of celebs, hit accept on the celeb or influencer you like.

Other celebrities on it include Charlie Put, Liam Payne, Swae Lee, Lil Pump, Lil Nas X, Robert J Downey, AOC, Lil Yatchy, Chris Pratt, Millie Bobby Brown, Tyler The Creator,  Cameron Dallas. Too bad, they don’t have Justin Bieber or Mark Zuckerberg. Influencers include Joey Birlem, Bryce Hall, Milan Mirabella, and Tydus Talbott.

Other influencers are also interested and some of them have already reached out to MSCHF to engage more with their fans seeing the great value in this feature as most of them rely on this type of engagement.

It’s pretty awesome to see people get creative with web apps.


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