3 Best Snapchat Spy Apps


snapchatThis is not the era where social media is only an asset of the elder people. The youngsters and kids are a part of this virtual world too. In fact, you’ll find them more on social platforms than oldsters and adults. One such popular platform among the kids is Snapchat. The craze for Snapchat among the students and teens is on a pinnacle and most parents don’t care what their kids are doing on such platforms. But here’s one question for all the parents. Do you really think it’s completely safe to let your child explore Snapchat, without your interference? I think you know the answer, right!!

There are loads of risks that Snapchat pertains and your child certainly needs your help to tackle all of them. And you need something too, that does that work for you and make sure the child is not getting into trouble. That something is what we call Spy apps. These spy app services are specially designed to keep a keen eye on the kids 24/7, especially when they use social media apps like Snapchat.

But don’t go for the tracking apps randomly. Choose the one that’s tested before and works extremely well. Because choosing a random one is like, going to a movie without any idea about its actors and its genre. Using these apps you can spy on Snapchat as also mentioned by the Spydrill team.

3 Best Apps For Snapchat Spying

1. Spyzie


Let’ start the list with the best and my personal favorite tracking app. When the parents have Spyzie looking after their kids, there’s nothing else to worry about. You’ll find all the features to make sure your champ is safe from all the perils of Snapchat. And why just Snapchat, you will be able to track their activities on other social media accounts too.

All the messages that the kid sends or receives will get revealed once the app is successfully set up on the target device. These messages will appear in the form of text and also in the form of screenshots that Spyzie takes from time to time from the target device. Each and every message has a time and date stamp attached to it. With this, you’ll get to know the time when each message took place.

Being a screenshot, the name of other users is revealed as well. Adult content and snaps are present all over the Snapchat. It’s highly important to be sure that the tween is not indulging in all that sensitive content. That’s why Spyzie provides the screenshots for all other activities of your child as well.

Saving Your Child From Other Possible Threats

The threats of Snapchat are not just bound to messaging and adult content on Snapchat feed. Another concerning threat is Snap Map. All the Snapchat friends of your child will be able to see the location where they were making the snap. If someone from their friend list is looking for an opportunity to solve the personal issue, Snap Map is gonna help them by revealing the location on the snap.

This can further lead to a fight or kidnapping if the case worsens. But monitoring apps like Spyzie can control the things before anything unfortunate happens. As you’re able to view all the messages and other activities at first hand, any such thing that seems unusual will be revealed beforehand.

With the Geofencing and Location tracking features, the accurate location of the teen can be seen anytime. So all the things combined, guarantee the overall security of the kid. The Basic plan of Spyzie is for $29.99 per/month, Pro Version for $39.99 per/month, and the Ultimate Version for $49.99 per/month.


2. mSpy


People who have earlier experience with the monitoring app services would surely know about mSpy. It’s a highly reputed and one of the best Snapchat spy apps with all the features that one needs to monitor Snapchat and other related apps.

Ones you install mSpy on the target Android cellphone, all the Snapchat activities will be easy to watch over. And you don’t even need to root the target smartphone to do so. All the media, be it photos and videos will become accessible that the user sends or receives on their device. Similar to the Spyzie app, the time and date stamps can be seen along with the message.

The contact from whom the kid was receiving or sending the media can also be seen. Obviously, the text messages are also accessible with the use of this amazing spy app. Sometimes the list of messages can be really long, and you need to see the conversation that occurred long back. This can be really lengthy process if you do that manually. That’s why mSpy allows finding the messages for some particular dates too.

When it comes to pricing, mSpy has 2 different plans to offer. The basic plan costs $29.99 per month and the premium plan can be brought for $69.99 per month. You can save a huge amount if you go for 3 months or 12 months subscription.


3. KidsGuard Pro


Just like Spyzie and mSpy, KidsGuard Pro also reveals all the conversation that takes place between your teen and their Snapchat friends. But KidsGuard Pro also provides you with some advance features. Whenever you want to know what exactly the child is watching on Snapchat, just use the capture screenshot feature and take the screenshot of the device remotely. Parents can use this feature anytime they want. And why just Snapchat, the screenshot feature is idle to keep an eye on overall activities of the kid.

Even with the advance features, KidsGuard Pro is of the least expensive spying app service available in the market. The 1-month plan costs $29.95 per month, the 3-month plan costs $16.65 per month, and the 12-month plan can be brought for $8.32 per month.

KidsGuard Pro

Final Words

So here we rest our article about the three best Snapchat spy apps. Snapchat has always been considered as a keen risk when it comes to its use by the kids, teens, and youngsters. But it doesn’t mean you simply deactivate their existing accounts and not let them make a new one. Instead, take the measures that make the use of Snapchat safe for them by using these awesome tracking apps.