How to Spy on Someone’s Text Messages


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A friend of mine is having sleepless nights while we all doze off peacefully. Well, the reason behind it is her son and his phone’s SMS box. Last Sunday she caught him texting something about the night-out plan which is still in the pipeline. However, she had no idea about it.

Though she tried to interrogate him about it, he reacted as a teenager supposed to do. He retaliated with full force. That being said she can’t sit back and cut loss on him. So, she decided to take the help of an expert, which happened to me, on how to spy on someone’s texts.

I didn’t waste a single minute to come for help and suggested her Spyier, one of the easiest and safest ways to track someone’s texts. To ensure the virtual safety of your loved ones without bugging them, anyone must use this spy app.

Spyier – Transforming the way you look after your dear ones

 ‘Why so much focus on it?’ must be your first question.

Well, using its inventive remote monitoring configuration, you can track 35+ activities happening on the targeted device using Spyier without even getting an inch closer to it. It’s not only me who prefers using Spyier when it comes to risk-free and jailbreak/rooting free text spying.

Millions of users from 190 countries also believe that only Spyier has the power to keep them safe while having an admin like access to the targeted device. Its flawless performance has managed to grab the attention of all big guns like CNET and Forbes.

The positive talks and public attention that Spyier has gathered show that if you want reliable text spying, you must try it out.

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Spyier works exactly as we wanted. Neither you have to put your head between the targeted and phone’s screen nor have you linger to them. Once it gets paired with the iCloud (for iPhone) or OS (for Android), you can start spying on your target’s text messages!

Its monitoring is so forward-looking that it doesn’t demand a targeted device for once which is the case with its iOS solution. Its text spy solution for iPhone comes with a 100% web-based interface. You can bring it into your service using any device/browser. spyier iphone

As soon as you activate your subscription and validate the targeted iCloud credentials, it starts fetching the live data from the targeted account. With such kind of monitoring, no one will ever find out what you are up to.

You can experience some kind of security and assurance when trying it for the Android platform. Spyier’s Android app is of very less size(less than 3MB) and still performs a whole lot of activities.

It’s less size and impeccable configuration is nothing less than a blessing for all those who want to do text spying on Android.

As it’s of compact size, download takes only two minutes, phone storage is not occupied, and the phone’s battery is not drained out quickly. Wait! There is a lot more.

Spyier‘s Android app comes to the stealth mode facility. Using this model, the app’s icon goes missing from the app list and the app starts working behind the curtains.

No notifications will be sent by the app on the targeted device. It becomes so discreet that no one will ever find out about its presence on the targeted device while you can enjoy comprehensive spying.

Why is Spyier the best thing to spy on someone’s text messages?

A single search on how to spy someone’s text will show up a million results. Now, you must be thinking that why I suggested Spyier to my friend. Well, the answer is very clear.

As they say ‘a friend in need is a friend indeed’, I wanted to suggest something which is easy-to-use, reliable and will help my friend. Out of those million search results, only Spyier was able to fit in above-mentioned criteria.

Text spying is everyone’s cup of tea with Spyier

Like my friend, many mobile users don’t have advanced technical skills. They are not competent enough to try their hands on something as tricky as jailbreak/rooting. That being said no one can take away their right to enjoy hassle-free spying.

Spyier comes with a very user-friendly interface. Using it is so easy that anyone having basic phone operating skills can also use it without facing any troubles. My friend was able to use it easily. The data logs are delivered directly on the dashboard which again is very easy-to-use.

Whenever a new activity is noticed, it alerts you immediately. The last time she needed my help was the day she called me asked about how to spy on someone’s texts.

spyier android

Date safety has given prime importance

Like I said, not all of us are a tech nerd. Due to this only many online fraudsters succeed to fool us and steal some of our crucial information. By suggesting any such fraud online way to spy on someone’s texts, I might throw my friend into a mess unknowingly.

Spyier has a unique operational strategy. While it operates, none of your data is saved on its server. That simply implies that all of your data will be in safe hands and no fraudster can steal it.

It does a lot more than Text Spying

If you feel the need to spy on someone, texting is not the only activity that should be monitored. You have to keep an eye on tons of activities that the target is doing using the phone.

Keeping the same thing in mind, I wanted to suggest something to my friend which will help her in all the situations.

Spyier comes with comprehensive monitoring ability. Along with the texts, it can keep tabs on:

  • Calls History – Learn about the incoming/outgoing calls, call time & duration, and contact list. You can also learn about the most contacted person.
  • Phone Location – Know the exact location of the targeted device and geo-fence it.
  • Social Media Account – You can find out the kind of social media platforms the targeted person is using.
  • Camera – With Spyier, you can find out what all pictures the other person is clicking and sharing.
  • Web-browsing History – Find out the type of website visited and content downloaded from the internet.
  • Apps Installed/Used – Have detailed information about the kind of apps the other person is having on the phone and learn about their usages as well.

The Final Word

No matter how concerned you are for your loved ones, you can’t hover around them. If you do this, you get on their nerves and they aloof themselves from you. Hence, you must find out a way that keeps you updated about everything while you stay miles away.

Give a chance to Spyier for it.

This spy app is highly futuristic and helps you in spying on someone’s texts without creating any troubles at both ends. You will be bewildered to see how effortlessly it works and keep you safe throughout the process. So now, just take the right action and don’t spend sleepless nights.