mySafaricom App Brings Send to Many, Save Favourite M-PESA Agents Features

MySafaricom App

Safaricom apps are some of the most useful utility tools in Kenya. mySafaricom and M-PESA apps have amassed millions of downloads – and for good reason – because they work and are an epitome of which services Kenyans can relate to.

While the M-PESA app has been receiving updates every other month to make it more appealing to customers, it is yet to overshadow its older sibling, mySafaricom.

mySafaricom kind of bunches most of Safaricom services together. It is a one-stop shop for subscriptions, M-PESA, Home Fibre, Newspapers, name them.

Today’s mySafaricom update brings with it some key features, some of which we have seen before, but in the M-PESA app. Here are the updates:

  • You can now send money to up to 5 people at a go. This was an exclusive to the M-PESA app, and we are glad it is here. It is an essential feature, especially for businesses that send cash to workers – you can bunch them together and send cash to them at a go. Note, you still pay transaction fees for each of them.
  • mySafaricom has now added Newspapers in the Discover tab. You can see all the issues available, and purchase them right away from the app.
  • You can now save and send money to your favourite contacts. While this is an attractive feature, which has also been available in the M-PESA app, we do not know if mySafaricom will sync the favourites so that you don’t have to set them up again in case you switch a phone or re-install the app. I say this because the M-PESA app is able to do that. Anyway, baby steps…
  • You can also save your favourite/frequent M-PESA withdrawal agents so that you don’t have to punch in their agent codes when withdrawing cash.
  • Besides Home Fibre being available in the app, you can now access and manage SecureNet package in the app.
  • Lastly, you can manage your 4G Home Internet using the app.

This is an impressive list of updates, to say the least.

The app already has a dark mode and is actually more stable than the M-PESA app, which is why customers use the two at the same time on their phones, including yours truly.

Lastly, the updates seem to have appeared on the Android side, so iOS folks may need to wait for a little longer.