Stop Using These Common and Weak Passwords in 2021

People are still using dumb passwords


It’s 2021 or at least the year is ending and people are still using dumb and more common passwords to secure their online accounts.

Malicious actors are always on the prowl to get into your online accounts and using these common passwords makes it easier for them to gain access.

NordPass, a password management service recently published a new report together with independent researchers to examine commonly used passwords from this year.

The normal culprits still lead the list of common and very weak passwords including 123456, password, 123456789, 123456, password1, abc123, 12345678, qwerty, 111111, 12334567, Liverpool, liverpool1, arsenal.

A lot of people like using their names as their passwords. Artist names also rank high including Onedirection.

Dolphin ranks high among animal-based passwords. Cars such as Ferrari and Porsche made the list.

People also used swear words as passwords popular among men than women.

Women used iloveyu more than three times as much as men.

Bands like Metallica and Slipknot join the list with the former outranking the latter.

NordPass went ahead and shared some password hygiene basics including using complex passwords, never reusing passwords, regularly updating passwords, checking password strength and lastly using a password manager.

Other additional steps you can take include adding 2-factor authentication to increase the security of your accounts.

Browsers like Google’s Chrome and Microsoft Edge already offer strong password suggestions when creating accounts and also let you update current passwords too.

Hackers will go the extra length to get access to your personal data. Passwords can be leaked or easily be figured by malicious actors so it’s high time to protect your accounts with 2FA as an additional safety measure.

2FA will add the inconvenience of having another added step to your login process but it’s worth it, it’ll give you peace of mind.

It’s now important to keep your data safe from both prying eyes to would-be hackers by using apps that put your privacy first. You can opt to use messaging apps like Telegram or Signal, email apps like ProtonMail, browsers like DuckDuckGo, Firefox Focus or Ghostery.

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