Samsung Picks Director Charlie Kaufman to Highlight the Experience of Galaxy Camera


New and shiny Galaxy S devices by Samsung will be launching tomorrow. They will hit their 14th iteration in the name of the Galaxy S23 – and as we have come to expect, three of them will be announced: the basic S23, a bigger S23 Plus, and the S23 Ultra. This has been the launch style for the lineup from the S20 days, and the ultra model now rocks an S-Pen to take care of Note enthusiasts after the line was discontinued back in 2020.

For more details about the devices, at least based on rumours, you can find out more here.

Now, on the other hand, Samsung has partnered with Oscar-winning writer and director Charlie Kaufman to showcase how easy it is to shoot and share movie-quality content using the Samsung Galaxy camera.

Kaufman used the Galaxy S22 Ultra to create a visual art film, “Jackals and Fireflies,” that demonstrates the phone’s filming capabilities.

The film was shot in New York City using the Galaxy’s Nightography feature, which was an “effective approach” for Kaufman.

The partnership is part of Samsung’s Filmed #withGalaxy campaign, where they collaborate with directors to showcase the phone’s ability to bring their stories to life.

Jackals and Fireflies will debut exclusively at the said upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event in San Francisco and Kaufman will present it later in New York City.

Samsung will continue to elevate smartphone experiences with premium camera innovations at future Galaxy Unpacked events.

You can register for the Galaxy Unpacked 2023 event here, and thanks to Samsung Mobile Kenya, some select people will walk away with great goodies. The registration process is straightforward, and you will be able to watch the show on the linked Samsung website. Alternatively, you can watch the event on YouTube or social media pages, whichever channel works best for you.

Also, catch up on the launch commentary on our Twitter account, which we will cover from today all the way to tomorrow.