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Facebook Instant Articles Will Support Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages

Facebook decided to change the game in how we consume articles by introducing Instant Articles way back in 2015. Instant Articles were a revolution...

Facebook’s Instant Articles Will Look Like Snapchat’s Discover

This is yet another feature Facebook has copied from Snapchat and it involves Instant Articles.
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Messenger Users Can Now View Instant Articles Without Leaving the App

This is great news for Messenger users.

Facebook revealed why publishers should sign up for Instant Articles

If you rely on Facebook for consuming news, you may have come across an Instant Articles either randomly or by choice. They are usually...
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Facebook will feature Video Ads on Instant Articles for you to skip them with a scroll

It has almost been a year since Facebook launched Instant Articles and it has been a great way to consume content on the platform....
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Facebook targets publishers on WordPress with an Instant Articles plugin

Facebook has been pushing the rollout of its Instant Articles platform since its launch on May last year on both iOS and Android platforms. It...

Report suggests Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages will be launched next week

We are in the age of fast loading pages. The days of waiting for pages to load is so in the PC era where...
Facebook Instant Articles

Facebook Instant Articles have been rolled out in Asia

Facebook Instant Articles as you may know right now is the proprietary platform by the social networking giant where they partner with publishers so...
Accelerated Mobile Pages

Google gave a timeline for the launch of Accelerated Mobile Pages

Waiting for websites to load is so last year and that is why Facebook started this trend with their Instant Articles platform. Content creators...
Facebook Instant Articles

Facebook Instant Articles continues with the global rollout, now available in India

Instant Articles, Facebook's platform that has revolutionized how we load and read content online is a big thing for the company but the eventual...
Facebook's New Notification tab update

Facebook Search has received a significant update

One of my biggest gripes with Facebook was how underwhelming its search functionality was. You could only search people & pages before and it...
Facebook Instant Articles

Facebook rolls out Instant Articles to all iPhone users, Android later

Facebook rolled out Instant Articles, a revolutionary way to read articles from various publishers on Facebook that load instantaneously to a small number of...
Accelerated Mobile Pages

Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages aims to make “Instant Articles” mainstream

Social networks are all morphing into the next phase of social media revolution where they are all becoming legit media houses and have put...

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