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Microsoft’s Word, PowerPoint and Excel Finally Come to Android

Slightly over a month after it introduced them as a preview on smartphones, Microsoft has made official its Office suite of Word, PowerPoint and...

Microsoft Office Preview Comes to Android Smartphones

Microsoft has been running a preview of Office applications like Word, Excel and PowerPoint on Android tablets for a while now. All along, Android...
Office for Android Tablet Preview

Microsoft Releases Office For Android Tablet Preview, Updates Office for iPad, iPhone

In the quest to remain the king of productivity, Microsoft expanded the reach that their quite popular software Microsoft Office. They announced Office for...
Office 365

Microsoft to Release Office for Android Touch Ahead Of Windows Tablets Version

As found out by The Verge, Microsoft is calling out for Android tablet users to Beta test the Office Touch for Android pre-release on...
Microsoft Office

Three Recent Updates that Bring Super Value to Office 365 Subscribers

I recently wrote a piece on ten reasons why one should consider an Office 365 subscription. Later on there were some recent announcements and...

Office Mobile for Android now available in East Africa

Remember  a few months ago Microsoft introduced its Office suite on Android? At that point in time while it was announced for the whole...

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