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Galaxy S III vs iPhone 5

Galaxy S III does better than iPhone 5, HTC One X in consumer reports

Samsung is still making headlines with it's flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy S III which has not gotten enough of the wowing to media,...
Galaxy Music invite

Are we about to see a Galaxy S III Mini unveil on October 11?

October 11 is just next week, and there is a Samsung event happening on that day in Germany. It's an open secret that we...
Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung has passed the 6.5 million mark with the Galaxy S III

As expected, Samsung is outdoing itself again with it's new hot cake, Samsung Galaxy S III. Analysis firm JPMorgan is reported to indicate that Samsung has...
Samsung galaxy S 3

Samsung Galaxy S III (GT 19300) Now available at Safaricom shops

Millions have been waiting for the ''Smartphone of 2012'' since it was just a mere rumor. Well, it launched last month in London, and...

28 countries getting Samsung Galaxy S III in the shops today

This should have just happened on the 28th instead, or they add another country for first availability. But hey! Who is complaining? 28 countries...
Galaxy S III TV Commercial

Samsung Galaxy S III TV commercial [plus a Beckham Teaser]

Samsung galaxy S III, launched on the 3rd of this month, will be in the hands of consumers before the month ends, precisely the...
Samsung Galaxy S III Gt-19300

Samsung Galaxy S III (GT-19300) redefines the smartphone

The much awaited Samsung Galaxy S III GT-19300 is here with us, got launched 3 days ago amid OOH!s and AAHH!s. Samsung Galaxy S III...
The Next Galaxy

Samsung teases about The Next Galaxy with anagram, video [UPDATED]

Late last evening as I was watching the twitter timeline and engaging once in a while I came across this tweet from the official Samsung...
Samsung Galaxy S III

1.8 Ghz Samsung Galaxy S III Leaked

Saw this leak yesterday and was just consuming it. What are the chances that its real? We remember discussing a very huge-spec-ed iphone 5...