Even before we get Anna, there is a rumour about PR: 3.0 called Belle

Symbian Belle

Yes, there’s talk about Symbian belle, even before the Symbian Anna is available as an update to other Symbian^3 phones like N8, C7.

Images seen on the Nokia Germany website seem to hint so. And the same talk is on at the Dailymobile forum saying, and i Quote:

New firmware coming soon (here we go again) for 0555219 product code.
QUESTION: When is the release date for X7/E6? They¡¯re supposed to tie in with new firmware. I¡¯ve heard mentions of June. But since when is June close to April? I thought products were meant to be closer to announcement? Technically however that is correct given the April-October and September-March of N8 and E7.
PR3.0 has up to 136-157mb RAM on start up. I think there should be about 120mb to begin with (prior to any background apps launching and stuff).
4 homescreens (doesn¡¯t Anna have this?) what¡¯s 7 smooth? Maybe 7 homescreens with smooth draggable pages?
35% Faster than Anna. Which is already faster than V1. All on current hardware of course. It¡¯s expected that Nokia deliver new Symbian phones on faster hardware (well Hello there 2010).
Full UI change (erm, expected)
Coming Q4 (The first major update confirmed from Nokia Forum VP was to occur in the Summer, which will be Anna it seems. It has also been mentioned that the new UI is coming to Symbian in Fall)

Symbian^3 widgets are usually fixed in size, and users are offered the possibility to fit only a preset number of widgets to the phone’s homescreen, something that would change in Belle.
Symbian Belle
Users would be able to reduce the size of widgets they do not need frequently, to leave more room for the more important ones.I have to admit though it sounds funny, Symbian Anna, Symbian Belle (Annabelle). Somebody Kindly inform me when they see the Symbian Anna available in East Africa, cant wait.


  1. “35% Faster than Anna” That update should make the N8 stick up as my favourite Symbian phone. I prefer it to E7.

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