A Black Galaxy S III, and the colours keep coming

Galaxy S III black

Galaxy S III blackSamsung launched the Galaxy S III with only two colours, the rare Pebble blue that many say is Samsung manufactured colour and Marble white. Later on I picked an announcement by AT&T that users on the network will be getting a Garnet Red version of the device. It was official on launch that other colours of the Galaxy S III will be made available later on, so this shouldnt be surprising. Samsung has now made public some images of a black Galaxy S III for the black colour lovers. What name they will call their version of black would be a wait and see again, as there has been this record of giving some unique names to their flagship device of 2012. That is Pebble blue, Marble white, Garnett Red and I dont know whether this will be Graphite black, or is there a black stone? Trust them to give it a fancy name.

In the images posted it looked like an calculated informer without announcing it, remember even the Garnet Red version was not really announced by Samsung, but a render of a press image looks quite believable, and again from a mobile carrier. This black one was from Samsung themselves. Any other details about availability, where and who parent there and would leave people guessing.

See more pictures in the below gallery.

What do you think? Is a black Galaxy S III a good idea?