Mobile Monday Kenya lives on, first session on 21st

Mobile Monday

Mobile Monday

Mobile Monday Kenya, a community of stakeholders in the mobile industry in the country has had a time off from as far back as early last year. Now in partnership with Microsoft, it’s back and we can again go back to sharing ideas and trends in the market to help grow the community practices in the mobile sector.

Mobile Monday who’s objective is encourage innovation and networking between companies in the region with the local community will come back to life starting 21st January this year when we get the first session. Mobile Monday will be embedded a session for Microsoft coined Microsoft Monday. This will be aimed at getting the community at iHub understand Microsoft and developing on the Windows 8 platform.

There will also be a demo of Kinect to showcase the level of gaming it provides. The first session for Monday the 21 st will be focused on the journey of Windows 8 and Windows phone 8 development. See you there. Of-course it’s only fair if I warn you that you will need a Windows Live ID to register for the event, so you will be prompted to create one if you don’t already have one.