Asus Padfone running Windows phone 8? not too far fetched

Asus padfone

Asus padfoneWindows phone is getting traction with Nokia making some good sales compared to rival platform’s first year in office. We have since seen OEMS like Samsung, HTC and Huawei come on board with some very nice product offerings, LG which had previously said it wont be popping Windows phone devices, just thought a second time. And here now is Asus coming into the fray with an idea to produce a Windows phone.

Asus is known for very good hardware and design in the tablets and laptops category, running Android and Windows respectively. Wall Street Journal is quoted as saying that Benson Linis, Asus VP is discussing a potential windows phone 8 licensing deal. Microsoft must be toasting to that. Adding to that is the crazy idea of either making it a PadFone or having both. How this would work, with Windows phone 8 on the 10 inch PadFone would be high up in our imagination, but in the creativity of Asus devs to bring to fruition if it actually comes true. Benson thinks it makes sense.