Exclusive: Hands on with the Uhuruto Android app

Uhuruto Android App

Uhuruto Android App

The Uhuruto campaign team, in a bid to show how digital they are, have developed an Android app that will capture everything within the Uhuruto campaign website http://www.uhuruto2013.com/. The site is currently available with a mobile web app for other platforms including on platforms like Symbian, Series 40, iOS on iPhone and iPad, Windows and Android. I have since tested it on x platforms, these being Android, Windows phone 8, Series 40 and Symbian and it appears the developers at the team catered for all these platform users.

The Android app, according to the Uhuruto2013 team will be available on the Android store by midnight today the 14th February. The above images are screenshots on the Galaxy Note and from right, they are the icon on the app drawer, the splash screen when loading, you will need to tap it to reveal the content part of the app on the left. The videos play from within the app, so no popping out and requesting for the Youtube app. We will alert you as soon as the app is available for download.

The Android app will be able to:

1. Host all campaign speeches made by the Jubilee Coalition.
2. Host all TV interviews and debates of all Nominated Candidates in the Jubilee
3. Host Manifesto and Policy discussions by Jubilee advisory team and
4. Host campaign Music and Videos by artists affiliated to Jubilee.
5. Host discussions and comments by Jubilee supporters.
6. Host press clippings on the Jubilee Coalition.

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