Breaking Bad was also coming to your Mobile Device


Breaking Bad

The season finale of AMC’s hit drama series Breaking Bad, which as you know I was big fan of, raked in a combined total of 10.3 million viewers worldwide. While all those were glued to their television sets to watch Heisenberg’s final genius moves, some 50,000 others spent the previous day binge-watching the entire fourth season of the show using media streaming app Netflix so as to catch up. Now it is emerging that those numbers could even been much higher if the show’s producers and AMC’s executives had heeded to some calls to harness the full power of mobile devices (smartphones, tablets…).

DreamWorks Studios boss Jeffrey Katzenberg had proposed that the show’s producers create 6 minute video content suitable for viewing on smartphones and tablets that would be sold to viewers and die hard Breaking Bad fans the world over at half a dollar for thirty days translating to $15 per viewer per 30 days. That would have raked in massive revenues for the show, increased enthusiasm around it since all we lived for were several second trailers that only served to make Sunday nights seem so far away. That extortionist proposal was shelved by the powers that be but anyway, we had a good run with Breaking Bad and hopefully this is the last time I am talking about Walter White. Oh wait, there’s another 🙂 .