Microsoft’s Newest Windows Phone Lumia 830 and Lumia 730 Now Selling In Kenya

Lumia 830 Kenya

It’s exactly two months since Microsoft launched their newest Lumia smartphones, Lumia 830 tagged as the affordable flagship and Lumia 730 which is tagged as the selfie phone. More about that later. Now Microsoft has gotten flack in the past for delaying the go to market after getting rounds of applause for interesting product launches.

Looks like they are working on that and as you may well know they launched Microsoft Band and made it available immediately. That’s tremendous coming from Redmond. Lumia 830 is the replacement of Lumia 820 which was phased out a very long time ago, but if you check well, it’s actually a slimmer and affordable Lumia 930.Lumia 830 Kenya

Design element of the Lumia 830 takes after Lumia 930 save for the black circle on the back that takes from Lumia 1020, Microsoft’s power shooter cameraphone. Lumia 830 adds a removable battery and This makes the Lumia 830, though slightly trimmed down specs sheet, get cheaper and slimmer than 2014 flagship phone Lumia 930. Both offer Qi wireless charging though.

Read extensive coverage of both Lumia 830 and Lumia 730 done after the launch.

Lumia 730 on the other hand is a Dual-SIM phone which is replacement for Lumia 720. There is a single SIM version Lumia 735 which goes to some markets. Lumia 730 is Microsoft’s attempt at bringing dual SIM to the mid range smartphones. Design borrows heavily from the Lumia 920 but adds removable polycarbonate back on top, so you can remove the battery and extend memory. Looks like Microsoft has stopped trying to be like Apple with the rigid storage options.Lumia 730 Kenya

The two devices are already on sale in Nairobi at a price of Kshs 44,650 (USD 498) for the Lumia 830 and Kshs 28,850 (USD 322) for the Lumia 730 at Midcom, one of the main retail chains that sells Nokia products in Kenya.

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  1. The Lumia 830 is clearly a “bridge” device. It’s got the high-end looks and capable camera of flagship-level phones, along with the performance and display resolution of mid-range and budget models. Whether Microsoft Mobile made the right trade-offs really depends on what you want out of your smartphone.

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