LG teases new curved device ahead of CES unveiling


Seen that?

Remember when the rush to launch a curved smartphone was all the rage? That was way back towards the end of 2013 when LG and Samsung were trying to outdo each other on who’ll go to the market first with a curved smartphone. They eventually got there and over a year later things are different now. Samsung has since gone silent on its curved smartphone plans and appears to have shifted focus to the likes of the Galaxy Edge even though it unveiled the Galaxy Round several days ahead of LG’s effort, the G Flex. It is the G Flex though that has gone on to capture the market’s imagination thanks to its absolute flexing ability and a self-healing back alongside having all the right high end specifications at that (bar the display which wasn’t that bad as far as reviews go). In the developer forums, the G Flex is a big fan favourite and boasts lots of support. A quick peek at its XDA forums will reveal this.

LG is keen on following this up with the G Flex 2. While there isn’t much known about the successor to the first generation G Flex, rumour has it that it may as well be the first device to feature Qualcomm’s latest 64-bit Snapdragon 810 chip, LTE-A connectivity, tri-band aggregation and retain that self-healing back. Opinion is divided on the display panel we’re likely to see here. 1080p or 2K? No one knows for sure. We’ll know during LG’s CES keynote in a few hours.

Earlier on, the banner below had been spotted on the CES floor in Vegas all but confirming what LG has in store.

LG G Flex 2 CES banner - leaked 2


Photo: The Verge

Video: LG


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