Huawei Ends 2015 on a High, Confirms it Shipped 100 Million Smartphones



We have known for a while now that Huawei is having one of its best years when it comes to sales of its mobile devices and particularly smartphones. How well? A few releases from top research firms that track shipments and sales of devices helped us figure that out but it’s not official until it is from the company itself. Huawei has now shed some light on the progress it has made this year. The company managed to ship 100 million smartphones in 2015.

The company managed to ship 100 million smartphones in 2015. That number puts it firmly in third place after Samsung and Apple who are first and second respectively.

While shipment figures don’t reflect actual sales numbers, they are not for nothing. Shipments are dictated by demands and to that regard we can give the company the benefit of the doubt that quite a good number of the 100 million smartphone units shipped this year actually ended up in consumers’ hands. The increase in shipment was mostly driven by more demand for the company’s budget smartphones in several emerging markets in Asia and Africa while sales of its mid-range and high-end devices led to increase in profit margins thanks to demand in Europe and other advanced markets.

Huawei is one of the two makers of the 2015 Nexus smartphones and this has had a hand in raising the brand’s profile in markets it had previously not yet been embraced like the United States. With the company set to introduce its budget Honor brand in the US, 2016 may see its shipments increase and break new ground.