Prisma For iOS Now Lets You Add Filters Into Videos



You may have heard of the new hit app of 2016, Prisma, which became a hit due to the ability of turning your casual photos into various forms of impressionist paintings using a neural network.

The next logical move for the company was to move to video since we are moving into a situation where videos will be dominating engagement on these platforms. In July, Prisma had hinted that they wanted to introduce Prisma videos which are just videos which have been given the AI filter treatment.

They have finally done it where now you can create “video paintings” on Prisma.

Currently only available on iOS users, you will be able to create 15 second videos locally on your iPhone without the need to have an internet connection. The number of filters that are available are not as many as the photo ones (9 vs 30) but you will expect them to add more in the future. This is just like their implementation with their filters where Prisma were able to integrate a neural AI on their app for iPhone but this is more intense due to the fact that the filters will be added frame by frame.

Apparently this feature is currently in beta according to the co-founder Alexey Moiseenkov and will be rolled out to Android devices soon. They are also apparently testing GIF support and improving video filters while also testing offline processing of photos to about 5% of Android users starting yesterday.

Prisma apparently has 70 million users and has already processed over 3 billion pictures which shows how incredibly popular the app has been. As an Android user, I can’t wait for the offline photo and video capabilities to be rolled out.


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