How to Protect Your Personal Data While Traveling to Kenya


Benefits of using VPN services in Kenya

The number of active Internet users in Kenya is growing each year but certain websites or apps are still being banned. Citizens can’t enjoy the benefits of the Internet to the fullest and we are talking about such simple activities as online shopping, visiting movie streaming sites, playing online, etc.


Online activity is closely monitored, that is why this is the right time to think about personal data protection and use a VPN in Kenya. Various VPN services are offering high standards of privacy, great speed, hiding your IP, unlimited bandwidth along with reliable quality support.


Kenyan network still can’t be called safe or secure as online activity of every user is being monitored. If you are about to travel to this country and will be using WiFi hotspots keep in mind that your network may require additional protection as you might be spied on and your personal online correspondence may be monitored. Today numerous providers guarantee great performance.

Make sure you using reliable VPN services as it guarantees that your true IP address is well hidden as you have an opportunity to choose among various servers located in different countries, your online activity is also kept in secret as well as your identity and personal data.

Best VPN providers for use in Kenya

Want to protect your online privacy in Kenya? Here is the list of reliable services that can guarantee your peace of mind.

  1. VYprVPN allows you to enjoy open WiFi hotspots and remain safe. Service has over 700 servers worldwide and offers visiting restricted in your area websites as well as download anonymously without leaving any traces of your online activity. VYprVPN uses following security protocols: PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN and Chameleon. It is needless to say that safety is guaranteed.
  2. Buffered VPN is a Hungary based service that has its servers located in more than 28 countries. Main benefits of this provider are: 3 simultaneous connections, strong encryption, unlimited bandwidth along with impressive speed, high level of customer support, etc.Buffered VPN supports Mac, Windows, Linux and easy to set up.
  3. PureVPN provides highest level of encryption and from now on your personal information is safe from hackers. Service allows you anonymously surf the net and be sure no one will monitor your online activity. With one account you are free to use up to 5 devices and able switching servers as often as you want. PureVPN also ensures impressive speed and unlimited bandwidth.

There are many ways to stay safe in Kenya, so don’t waste your time and choose most suitable VPN service.

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