Uber Ride May Have Just Caused the Biggest Coronavirus Risk in London


UberCoronavirus is a deadly menace that has so far killed hundreds of China nationals, with thousands of reported infections. The virus has since seen the cancellation of the MWC 2020 in Barcelona, Spain, which is the first time we have seen such a big tech show go under for health reasons.

Now, the first case of the virus has been reported in London. The victim is said to have taken a trip to a hospital using taxi app Uber. The patient, a woman, presented herself to Lewisham Hospital, and the medical team in attendance was given face masks and taken to a special area for further tests.

According to the facility’s CEO, the results affirmed that the patient was actually infected by the virus. She was, afterward transferred to a specialist at another health institution in London. Furthermore, staff members who were in contact with the patient have since been located. Also, the Uber driver’s account has been deactivated, albeit temporarily.

The hospital is also in contact with the Uber driver, among other driver-partners. The goal is to ensure that drivers receive sufficient information and advice on what to do should they feel unwell in the future.

The driver is not being considered high-risk because he was hardly in contact with the patient, and the journey was less than 15 minutes.

Reports for Sky News state that two staff members from Lewisham Hospital have been isolated after interacting with the Coronavirus patient.

It has also been reported that the lady is a Chinese national who left the Asian country for London in the recent past.

At the moment, the UK is addressing 9 cases related to Coronavirus.