How To Install Apps on Android TV From Your Phone

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It is not always easy to install apps, especially those that are not found in Google Play for Android/Google TV.

Often, users are forced to take extra steps to do so: you either have to attach a flash drive to your TV or Android TV streaming box with apk files for you to get a certain app.

In my case, for instance, I upload apk files to my Google Drive and access them using a file manager (Solid Explorer) from the TV. It is a long, tedious and unnecessary process, but one which has to be done because we need some of our favourite apps on the TV, including SmartTubeNext, which is just a better app, as a whole, than the ad-packed official YouTube app for Android/Google TV.

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I have also to remind you that during the staging of the Google I/O 2021 event in May this year, the search giant announced that it was in the process of developing an easier way of installing apps on Wear OS devices.

Later, we would out that the feature allowed users to install apps on Google Wear OS devices from the phones with a drop-down menu that identified devices they wanted an app installed to, which is a wearable device in this case.

The feature is now rolling out to allow app installs on Android/Google TV via a smartphone.

To note, you can do the same thing on Android TV, but performing the action from a phone is much faster and user-friendly.

This also helps users access a ton of apps in Google Play store that might not be available on the Android TV store.

How To

Courtesy: XDA

The drop-down menu gives users the ability to pick which device they want to install the app on, and the devices are tied to a user’s Google account.

It is that easy, actually.

To note, only a handful of users have this feature on their side, and we guess it is a server-side update.

We are certain more users will start seeing it soon.

Overall, it is good to know that the process has been made easier.


  1. What’s the work around for apps not available on the TVs Google play store and once installed, the app cannot play on the TV. I had an issue with dstv now on my TCL qled C725. Any trick will be appreciated

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