Huawei Launches Colourful MatePad T Tablet for Children For KES 26000


Huawei has been in the smartphone business for a long time, and while the recent past has seen the Chinese tech company jump over many hurdles, most of them in the form of sanctions, and albeit unsuccessfully, it has managed to keep its head high because it hasn’t stopped producing smartphones and tablets.

Its spin-off smartphone company, Honor, has since been sold, so it means it has distanced itself from the mother company. To this end, it has been churning out phones, some of them class-leading, and all with Google services preinstalled. However, those phones share mostly the same DNA as current Huawei releases, so that means you can always find a Huawei phone with Google apps – sort of.

The Kenya arm of the company, especially on the mobile side of the business has not been doing so great. For instance, Huawei has only released two smartphones for the Kenyan buyer from late 2020 up to now.

However, the company has a bunch of tablets, some of which have made their way here.

Another addition to these oversized smartphones is the Huawei MatePad T Series, Kids’ Edition.

As its name suggests, the tab has been made while taking note of children’s safety.

The device ships with a kid’s case (which means it is colourful because children love such stuff), alongside a pencil for doodling on the display.

It will be selling at KES 26,000 at Huawei Stores, Textbook Centre, and Anisuma retail stores in Nairobi and Mombasa.

The tablet measures 9.7” diagonally.

Here is what the device is capable of, in verbatim, from Huawei Kenya:

Created for Kids’ Creativity

This 9.7-inch tablet comes in an anti-shock case made from food-grade silicone and is perfectly adapted to kids’ small hands and their daily activities. With its simple, versatile design, children can easily carry the tablet by themselves using the handle, which also acts as a support stand for easy viewing.

Playground by Your Side

Introducing Kids Corner — a space for kids to play, learn, draw and explore as they wish. Use the Recorder feature to record their voice, let them capture the world as seen through their eyes using the Camera feature, and see their creativity roam free with Kids Painting. And when they’ve completed their wonderful handiwork, view it all in Multimedia.

Educational Screen Time with Azoomee

Azoomee offers a diverse array of inspiring shows, character-led stories, spectacular science, hands-on DIY and action-packed games, so kids can create, learn and grow freely and safely with this tablet. Your kids can now enjoy Azoomee 12 months for free with HUAWEI MatePad T Kids Edition.

Fun Trip on BabyBus

Begin a fun adventure for your kids into nursery rhymes, stories and games, all featuring colorful, cute characters and inspiring interactions. Foster their youthful creativity, encourage good habits, and let them learn about letters, colors, numbers, and more, with BabyBus.

Future Artist in the Making

Explore the wonderful world of art with the cute little pen, specially designed for kids’ small fingers. Keep it safe in the case slot so it’s less likely to go missing when they’re out and about. With a whole host of different strokes, lines, and colours, your kids can start their creative life full of amazing possibilities.

Care for Small Eyes

For kids who love to read and dive into their imagination, this tablet offers eBook mode for a happy reading experience, while posture alerts help them sit upright, so their health and eyesight is always protected. The blue light filter and bumpy road alerts provide even more care for their little eyes in a wide variety of light conditions and environments.

Safe Charging Lock

When it comes to child safety, this tablet offers a lot of help, just like a caring parent. The safe charging lock prevents kids accessing the tablet while it’s being charged, so you can rest assured they’re always safe from the dangers of electricity.

Keep an eye for you

Let your kids have fun while you take a break. Set Time management, App management and Content management for your kids, so you can leave the tablet with them and still enjoy peace of mind. It also provides detailed information for you to track their progress, check their learning results, and relive your precious moments together.

Grow with Kids

As kids grow up, the toys they like often change. But, by adapting to your kid’s changing needs, this versatile tablet will always remain a firm favourite. Just remove the protective case and start using it straight away on standard settings. Plus, explore a whole host of features for older kids, as well as for the whole family.


With younger users using electronic devices such as tablets for everything from learning to having fun, concerns about the negative influence smart gadgets would bring are growing. Stricter parents may try to keep their kids from using electronic device, while others may let them use a tablet or so to play game on a regular basis, like every day after school or every weekend – Jim Zhijue, Huawei Mobile Kenya Country Head