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Contrary to Popular Belief, Linux Sytems Are Now Receiving Their Fair Share of Cyberattacks

What happened over the period the COVID-19 pandemic started and when it reached its peak? Well, more people went online for work, school, entertainment,...

After 2017’s WannaCry Attacks, Ransomware is Still the Number One Online Threat

A new report has revealed that cyberattacks are becoming firmly entrenched as a state-level weapon, including the new ransomware method of ‘Country Extortion’ and...

Africa Is Now the Most Targeted Region for Cyberattacks

In 2021, the number of cyberattacks recorded was record-breaking, with a 50% increase in overall attacks per week on corporate networks compared to 2020. In...
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Botnets and Cryptominers Responsible for the Majority of Kenya-Business Cyberattacks

The online space has never been safe, and every other year, we receive new numbers that showcase how dangerous the digital world can be,...
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Review on the New Computer Misuse and Cybercrimes Act – Kenya

The Computer Misuse and Cybercrimes Act of 2018 was drafted and assented to on the 16th May 2018 and will soon be law.

REPORT: African Countries Lost At Least 2 Billion Dollars to Cyberattacks in 2016

According to Serianu’s Cybersecurity Report 2016, African countries lost at least $2 billion in cyber attacks in 2016. In East Africa, Kenya recorded the highest...

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