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MTN GlobalConnect Enters The Kenya Market By Acquiring MTN Business

MTN GlobalConnect has acquired MTN Business Kenya. The development seeks to transform MTN Business Kenya into a dedicated wholesale and infrastructure hub in the...
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MTN Business New Interactive Website Promotes Wearing of Masks

MTN Business has launched a #WearItForMe campaign that aims to raise awareness about the importance of wearing masks to fight the spread of COVID-19.
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MTN Business Kenya becomes the first provider to offer Teams Direct Routing

In an era where technology is dynamically growing, business professionals seek the need to modify and enhance unified communications within their organizational infrastructure. Throw...
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With the right ICT solutions, working from Home is set to boost productivity

According Gartner’s Update on Global work force trends (2019), the top three drivers of attraction remained compensation, work-life balance and stability in the workplace....
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IOT, 5G and the Need for Everything as a Service

Internet of Things (IOT) and 5G present a good opportunity for organizations to leverage managed services (everything as a service) to increase efficiency.
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The Next-Gen Managed Network Security

MTN Managed Firewall Security Solution takes a collaborative approach across entire network infrastructure to enable security administrators deploy a broad and dynamic defense strategy for the long term.
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Why Managed Security is The Way to Go for Modern Businesses

With Managed Security you leverage on third party’s constant R & D, specialized skillset, deep event monitoring and round the clock customer support all this on a flexible pay-as-you go pricing.
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ICT Disaster Recovery 101 and 6 Questions to Ask Yourself

Having a comprehensive disaster recovery and backup solution in place is inevitable because your peace of mind matters.
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Software Defined Networking: Next Step in Networking Evolution

A Network Engineer’s perspective As more and more people get online, so does the number of devices including network nodes, servers and end user devices....

Six Reasons Why Early Adopting Clients Have Piloted and Rolled Out MTN SD- WAN

MTN already has early adopters of the Software- Defined Wide area Network dubbed MTN SD- WAN, who have tested, proven and eventually rolled it...
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MTN Business Kenya Launches Faster, Secure Software Defined Network for Enterprises

MTN Software Defined Network (MTN SD- WAN) is a software driven network that simplifies management and operation of WAN and increase applications visibility.
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MTN Business Kenya Invests in Technologies to Streamline Business Communications

MTN Business Kenya has been rolling out its own fibre optic network in the country, its metro fibre network covers a radius of 100...