Google Reverse Image Search (Drag and Drop)


In 2005 I used to spend over 11 continuous hours on the internet everyday. One day I though to myself; can’t Google create a search function where I use an image instead of text. Because with text I will be searching something that I have little knowledge or hint of what it might be.

With this type of search, I might be having an emblem, portrait, landmark etc and it will return results with what or  who it is.  Now these guys seems like they read my naive mind or it was so obvious that everyone else was thinking about it.

Now thanks to Google they now offer Reverse Image search dubbed “search by Image” ; you can drag an image from a web page or your computer  to Google Image search and get the results you need. This must be a very good tool to identify land marks. Simply open the Google image search page, then drag and drop an image either from your computer or a web page. You will see a layer pop up with “Drop image here” release and Google will upload the image then return with result. If your bowser does not support drag and drop you can click the Camera icon on the extreme end of the Google image search box.


I tried the reverse image search with Tineye, using a random image of an old video game called Atari. Tineye Got no results but Google did. That why I always say you got to respect Google’s Algorithm.


Try it for yourself see how good and useful it is