How to upgrade Samsung ChatON on your Samsung [email protected]

Samsung ChatOn

Samsung [email protected] was the first feature phone to come preinstalled with Samsung ChatON, a chat application that rivals Whatsapp, iMessenger and BBM. ChatON is available on many platforms, including Android, Bada, iOS and Blackberry….and most recently on the web. Upgrading ChatON on smartphones is easy, just get the notification from the store and click upgrade and viola!. However, installing ChatON on a feature phone line the Chat222 has its own challenges.

Samsung ChatON version 1.6.1 updates gives:

  1. New emoticons added
  2. Support for 27 more languages
  3. Support for resuming file download
  4. Support for ICS (4.0) platform
  5. Minor bugs fixed
  6. * Verification SMS not received? Go to for an alternative validation. It’s at the lower right corner.

Currently there are two ways you can get this done:

  1. Via KIES
Though I havent tried this, you can actually upgrade Samsung ChatON from Samsung KIES using a computer connected via USB
  1. Via Binary

Binary is abit hands-off as it requires you to visit one of Samsung Service centre and get your upgrade downloaded and installed by Samsung Professionals.

As I wrote this, I already just got a notification update for Samsung ChatON, upgrades to version 1.6.3 which adds:

  1. ‘ACS'(Automatic Calling System: if Verification SMS not received, then get the verification code by call) added
  2. : supports 36 languages
  3. ‘Notice’ added
  4. ‘Contact us’ added
  5. Maximum number of participants for Broadcast and GroupChat improved (MAX : 200)
  6. More supported languages
  7. Speed and performance improved
  8. UX enhanced
  9. Minor bugs fixed