Instagram hits the roof of fame, attracts malware authors

fake instagram

fake instagramEveryone wants a piece of the Instagram cake, from Facebook, Twitter which was apparently beaten to the acquisition, the users and most recently malicious fellows. Instagram recently hit the epitome of success when it was made available on android and the downloads shot steady, then Facebook committed to acquire it a short while later. And the app got exposed. Naked Security now reports that there has been cases of fake Instagram app downloads that are available from several sources, one of them being a Russian site.

Graham Cluley notes actually downloaded the Instagram Fake from the Russian site and tested what vulnerabilities users are exposing themselves when downloading it. And the result was that this app does send smses in the background off your airtime and made money off unsuspecting users. Only way you would be safe here would be if the app failed to detect the network operator set in the app to fleece users.

Img and story source Credit Naked Security

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