Asus’ Transformer Book Trio: Powered by Android AND Windows 8


Asus are at it again, revolutionising the tablet scene. They continue to bring forth this form of innovation through their Transformer line of tablets. This time they’ve decided to mash up a windows 8 laptop and an android tablet in one form factor. This has left me speechless; they manged to seamlessly merge both ends to provide a high end hybrid system.


This device works in this manner; the tablet is android, running Jelly Bean and containing an Intel Atom processor,  the dock (also known as the PC Station dock) which contains the keyboard and touch pad, hides under the hood an Intel Core i7 Haswell processor. When the android tablet is docked it transforms to a windows 8 laptop. COOL RIGHT?

The hardware facts are stated below:
¤ 11.6 Inch form factor
¤ 1920 x 1080 full HD Screen
¤ Upto 15 hours battery life.

The Tablet (Android):
¤ Intel 2.0GHz Atom chip
¤ 64GB SSD

The Dock (Windows 8):
¤ Intel Core i7 Haswell CPU
¤ 750 GB Hard Disk
¤ Several standard laptop ports

Availability and costs (which are sure to be high) are yet to be announced. So, what do you think? Will you grab one of these once they become available?


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