Intel to Introduce Wearables At CES


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Brian Krzanich, Intel CEO is on a path to reposition the chipmaker as a player in the mobile market. Intel has led the PC market for 20 years but Krzanich ackowledges that the market is turning to mobile devices for its computing needs.

Next week at CES, Intel plans to introduce a range of wearable gadgets, tablets and next-gen PCs. New addition to the Quark line of chips is also set to be featured at the tech event.

Quark currently powers heating and air-conditioning systems in Europe and it may come to power other devices from wearables to machines. At Maker Faire Rome, Intel gave away 1500 Quark-powered circuit boards to hobbyists in a bid to promote the its ultra-mobile chip.

“Our view is that Quark can make almost everything smart” – Brian Krzanich.

Earlier last year, Intel introduced its online video service but the project is now stalled as the chipmaker looks for a media partner. Krzanich notes that the technology behind its TV service is good but there is not enough content to watch on it.

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Images: Reuters, Epik