Asus Notebooks Now Wrapped Up in 2-Year Warranty Cover


Asus notebooks are now eligiblle for a 2-year warranty. Through local Asus partners – Ensure services and Repair Junction – customers can replace the product or defective parts of the product based on diagnosis. By extending its warranty period, Asus surpasses the industry average which is currently at one year. This addition to Asus’ warranty comes as the company engages on a campaign to promote its products among students in Kenya’s universities.

“As an emerging product in the market, locally, we felt it was crucial that we assure our customers of our continued support even after purchase of product to ensure that they do get the most out of the products and have a great experience.” said Mr. Chris Wen, product manager, Asus Kenya.

There are some exceptions to the warranty, the press release states this to “exclude accidental damage, misuse and installations of unrelated Asus software.” Some of these issues fall under negligence, but not so much for unrelated Asus software. This wouldn’t necessarily include productivity suites such as Microsoft office, on the flip side pirated software could definitely void your warranty. A statement by Asus reads: “If the device has a foreign installed software and becomes damaged through other causes other than the software, that’s okay-the warranty is valid. But on the other hand, if that software is the reason the machine fails then the warranty will not cover the repair”

Updated: Post edited to reflect Asus’ views on software not affiliated to the company.