Blackberry Passport Makes Shot As A Best Seller

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Blackberry PassportNot everyday a Blackberry makes the cut among the best in the smartphone world, not in 2014, unless it’s on the other end of the list. So Blackberry Passport made it’s debut a few days ago and it’s having it’s own small successes. At launch, John Chen, Blackberry CEO indicated that Blackberry Passport had quite a lot of interest and attracted 200,000 pre-orders. The devices has not launched in most markets, but is already selling on Amazon, where it hit the top.Blackberry Amazon

For a few days now the device was the best seller on Amazon, almost hit a week at the spot before others came in and it was back to usual business. Blackberry Passport was announced in London and has been available for slightly over a week now in the markets. It follows hot on the heels of the Blackberry Z3 which was launched initially in Indonesia. The device, according to Blackberry is aimed at the business person and has an intention to revolutionize the keyboard. Anybody remember when Blackberry was the king of the business phone?

The Waterloo company wants to get back to that spot with Blackberry Passport. The price of the device is a bit steep, but that also adds up to the messaging about it, it’s not for the average Tom, Dick and Harry, the company wants the device to feel exclusive for businessmen. You know, like that expensive smoking pot or gold lighter. Whether that goes their way will be a watch and see.
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