LG Could Be Prepping New Windows Phone Smartphone – Report

LG Windows Phone

LG Windows PhoneLG has been on and off with Windows Phone, and rumours have been abound once in a while about the company’s dalliance with Microsoft’s OS on mobile. While LG is one of the OEMs that are known to develop Windows Phone devices, it’s never been a mainstream thing. And there has been an absence from them for quite a while.

Things could be changing yet again as an Ad Duplex report has it that LG could be testing another Windows phone device. This after the ad company reported detecting a 4.7 inch display device with a 480 x 854 pixels resolution. This points to a mid range device from LG.

Other players like Samsung and Huawei are skirting their way around Windows phone and unless there is any announcements in the near future, this remains. HTC recently made their flagship device HTC One get a Windows Phone version while Alcatel announced a device that could run three OSes like a PC, basically getting themselves into the Windows Phone foray with one foot in.

Should LG announce this device it most probably will come running Windows 10 and could be material for Monday’s announcement at CES or come later at Mobile World Congress in March. All in all, it’s a field to watch as vendors outside of Nokia which was acquired by Microsoft never made any solid sales for the longest time. Let’s hope this changes.