Microsoft’s face recognition tech now works directly from Bing


Remember that Microsoft site that tells you how far you are from having countless wrinkles on your face even with the countless creams you’ve been purchasing lately? It’s now baked right into Bing’s image search.

Searching for any photo on Bing image search will bring up a small gray button floating in the middle of the said picture and upon looking closely you’ll recognize the familiar #HowOldRobot. Since Microsoft’s Face API which powers the site is still a work in progress, you get a small ticker telling you not to worry if your correct age wasn’t captured: Sorry if we didn’t get it quite right, we’re still improving this feature.

how old robot 2 is already available on Windows Phone as an application and with Microsoft’s new-found all platform approach, we really hope the application becomes available on Android and iOS soon. For now, your browser is at the centre of all unfolding action.