SEACOM Readies Corporate Cloud Services Powered by MS Azure and Amazon Web Services


seacomSubmarine cable operator SEACOM has revealed that its corporate cloud service will be rolled out to a wider customer base in the near future.

Speaking at 7th Edition of CIO 100 Yearly Symposium and Awards event that is still underway at Enashipai Resort and Spa, Naivasha, representatives from the connectivity and cloud services institution have confirmed that their new product’s infrastructure is ready to support the product.

SEACOM’s corporate cloud services will be offered in partnership with Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). It should be noted that the two services, in addition go Google, are rivals in the cloud platform. At the same time, it is clear that rapid adoption of cloud computing services is the primary motivation in businesses as they strive to stay competitive in a market that is dropping application based on on-premise data centers as a cost-cutting strategy.

SEACOM promises security and data sovereignty as AWS and MS Azure have addressed these issues in the past. It important to know that AWS has an edge in corporate cloud services as it has been operational since 2006, and claims up to 40% of the product’s market share. This is higher than that the 23% shared among Google, Microsoft and IBM. Thus, taking on AWS is a no-brainer. On the other hand, MS Azure has been growing thanks to investments made toward building large global cloud networks of its own.

The functional approach of the two technologies remains the same as they render services based on networking, storage as well as flexible computing. That is not all as they both share robust security measures, auto-scaling, self-service and immediate provisioning, to mention a few. Also, these are services that have been seen to invest heavily in corporate cloud services, as well as integration of machine learning tools and IoT.

While some businesses continue to be skeptical about the safety of cloud services, the trend showcased by business leaders in adopting these solutions is encouraging based on sizeable investments cloud service providers have made for their security.

SEACOM is yet to announce the pricing model of this product, which is always the most important aspect of adoption (save for reduced cost of operation and communication). Once that information is made public, this piece will be updated accordingly.


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