New TV Shows and Movies Showmax Added For the Festive Season

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Showmax New Shows December

We are officially in the festive season and this December, Showmax has lined up some new shows that you can stream on their platform. These are a mixture of movies and TV shows that Showmax have added this month:

The XYZ Show

This is a popular political satire TV show in Kenya which is produced by Buni Media in Nairobi. It features the use of puppets based on Kenyan politicians and it is a fun watch

MTV Shuga

This TV drama follows the lives of young adults through love, success and friendship. Every season is quite different and as a spoiler, Lupita Nyong’o is part of the cast in the first season.

HBO Movie Collection

HBO is a well-known network that has given us classic TV shows like Game of Thrones, The Newsroom and The Sopranos. However, they also churn out movies and Showmax has availed 15 critically acclaimed movies from the studio for your viewing pleasure.

Out of Africa

This is a classic 1985 romantic drama starring the venerable Meryl Streep where an aristocrat falls for a hunter who lives in a very different world.

The Path

This movie follows a guy in a doomsday cult who has a crisis of faith and you find out whether the cult would ever let him leave. This 2016 drama film features Aaron Paul as the lead, who you might know from the hit TV show, Breaking Bad.

Odd Mom Out

Jill Weber is an odd mom who marries to a rich family, which makes her oddness stand out even more. This comedy TV show is currently available as season 1 which has 10 episodes.


This is a comedy animated movie about a pigeon ready to fight the Nazis by engaging in a dangerous rescue mission. This movie was released way back in 2005 and if you are a fan of the genre, you will love it!

If you have not yet registered for Showmax, you can get a two week trial if you sign up. If your two week trial ends, you can start your subscription by getting an amazing deal where you pay only KES 250 via MPESA and getting ShowMax for a cool three months, saving KES 2390 in the process.