The trailers that auto play which Netflix refers to as “video previews” have proven to be source of irritation for binge-watchers like us. Even the director of Star Wars: Last Jedi tweeted about it and we could all relate. You can’t even read through descriptions without the video auto playing.

There’s even a petition you can sign so that Netflix makes the feature optional for those who are still subscribed. Numerous articles have been written pleading with the giant video streaming service to let go of this feature but they are not just going to abandon it. They just want you to continue streaming.

In their defense, Netflix says that the previews have decreased the time average users get to browse. Still, this is a weak argument as the outcome comes at the expense of a better user experience for its subscribers.

Netflix Tweaked is a both a Chrome extension and Firefox add-on that comes through for us like a superhero out to save us from the villain that is Netflix. It kills two birds with one stone.

  • The extension blocks its trailers from playing automatically in your browser
  • Also it auto sorts “Continue Watching’ and “My List” feeds and puts them below featured content at the top. You now seamlessly scroll past the Netflix promotions to movies or documentaries you were watching or were about to.

Netflix’s recent changes to its platform are less annoying but hopefully this chrome and firefox extension will help get around this feature and let you chill in peace.


  1. It’s a shame that it you use Chrome or Firefox for Netflix like needed for this extension, you are limited to 720p. Only time Edge is used is for Netflix

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