Instagram’s New Camera Design Makes it Look Snapchat-Like

instagram camera

instagram camera

Instagram Stories are indeed popular. Over 500 million people use that feature daily and Instagram keeps adding features to it to make it more interesting.

The company is now adding more features to their Camera app and it looks strikingly similar to the Snapchat camera app

Adam Mosseri, Instagram’s Head revealed the new changes today in a tweet. The new changes allows you to easily browse for effects and also has a dedicated mode for stickers and more.

If you look at the screenshots above, you will notice some interesting additions. There is a new Create mode that allows you to add text, GIFs (powered by GIPHY), countdown timers, memories, quizzes, polls and questions. Normal mode allows you to add filters by swiping them around, and there a lot of options here.

Snapchat camera has a similar layout where instead of categories, you have your various Lenses, which are the fun augmented reality masks that people know and love about Snapchat.

This redesign comes after the company released the much awaited dark mode on the iOS app, which looks really cool by the way. iOS 13 has system wide dark mode and it was only a matter of time that companies started to add that feature to their apps on iOS. Instagram also killed the following activity tab which allowed you to see what other people were liking on Instagram.

The feature is currently rolling out on iOS and Android so check out the new update.