Now There Is a Price for Your Social Media Addiction


Social credibility in the previous years was brought with a small check button ✔, no one with that was a mere mortal man when it came to the social scape, but now modernity and robust entrepreneurship it has become another cost of living entity tied to our addictions to the social platforms.

Now you are the client and also the commodity, forget those days when you were the commodity, you know the tag “If it’s free you are the product” now this has been amplified to a real price on your head.

After Elon bought Twitter, that’s when the chaos began, literary flipping the whole social landscape by pricing what was a free ‘social notable utility’, the verification checkmark!

The old verification label and the new one.

For Beginners Twitter Blue, which now costs $7.99 per month and gets you a blue verified check mark, officially was available in its app for iPhones and iPads, but now it seems the feature is getting rolled out to the Android and web community, standardizing the ecosystem. This feature creates priority in replies, mentions, and search, and “half as many ads,” and now you can get the new subscription.

When it comes to our social addictions, we tend to feel that we have a way around it although we know your EX makes it chaotically better. First time lovers of Meta products and Twitter have seen immerse changes happen to their favorites, from tweeting using SMS to now paying.

Initially, Ads were not targeted but now it feels like Facebook knows what you want to shop suggesting to you products as your life gradually grows, creating an intimate know-what in our lives.

Now you have to pay to see fewer ads, not even to see no Ads, such an unfair mechanism but we are addicted to fully denying that the system is extorting us methodically.

Notability in this era isn’t even a thing to pride in because you are paying for what the algorithms and the companies should essentially be doing to you as the consumer.

  • Provide you with content you signed up for or followed
  •  Reduce Impersonation
  •  Available Customer Support
  •  Less or No Ads (They need to have another Income Mechanism)

The List is endless as per the users’ feelings and experiences.

Now that companies are shifting the narrative from making you believe that you are not the product, which is an accurate lie. Meta and Twitter have now realized that users want to beg and onboard the verification scheme, with Twitter worsening the situation by pricing even your security methods.

Meta’s is testing paid verification for Instagram and Facebook for $11.99 per month on the web and $14.99 per month on mobile. In an update on Instagram, CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that a “Meta Verified” account will grant users a verified badge, increased visibility on the platforms, prioritized customer support, and more. The feature’s rolling out to Australia and New Zealand this week and will arrive in more countries “soon.”

Now, for you to get Verified you have to provide more data, To sign up to become Meta Verified, you’ll need to meet minimum activity requirements, be at least 18 years of age or older, and submit a government ID that matches the name and photo you have on Facebook or Instagram. 

The real Question and factor now do the big tech social cooperation care about you or whether the modern platform has no revenue mode, you are the targeted product with no cap, and your premium value has been already decided beyond targeted ads and that is Instagram and Facebook for $11.99 per month on the web and $14.99 per month on mobile, while on Twitter it is $8 per month and $11 respectively.

Choose your war go free and see ads, and pay for necessities that should be free.