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You Have Two Months to Replace Your Old-Generation Passport

The Kenya Immigration Department is reminding locals that their old-school passports will be phased out from November 2022. This follows an extended grace period that...
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Government Extends Deadline Again For Migration to Next Gen E-Passport

The Government of Kenya has yet gain extended the migration to the second generation e-Passport. The Ministry of Interior & Coordination of National Government has...
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Kenya Immigration Department Introduces Booking System for E-Passport Applications

The Immigration Ministry has been receiving a lot of backlashes based on the manner it issues passports to Kenyan natives. The exercise, which has...
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Kenya Government Will Open 10 New Stations for Digital Passport Issuance

The Kenyan government has opened 10 new Immigration centres in a bid to ease congestion on the issuance of the next generation passports. In Kenya,...

U.S. State Department to Require All Visa Applicants to Provide Their Social Media Usernames

The U.S State Department has already started to put into action last years proposal of requiring visa applicants to submit their social media profiles...

Holders of Fraudulent Passports to Miss New Travel Document as Immigration Issues 400,000 e-Passports

Kenya’s Immigration Department started issuing e-passports a couple of months ago. The new document, which we detailed in an earlier post, contains an electronic...