Samsung debunks Galaxy S 4 rumours, but activities point otherwise

Samsung 128gb emmc

Samsung 128gb emmcThere is this rumour that Korean Times started claiming that they got word from a Samsung employee about the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S 4 at Mobile World Congress next year. This has rocked the blogs and the news sites many giving different opinions thinking why it was either a bad or good idea for the announcement to come that time next year. Now before things go far, Samsung has gone out to debunk these as untrue on their twitter account (this is where you go to your favourite translator application).

However, there has been announcements today that Samsung has started mass producing 2GB low power double-data-rate 3 (LPDDR3) RAM chips for mobile. Now this is your usual news, even with the better capabilities of data transfer speed of up to 1600 megabits per second (Mbps) per pin, making the RAM 50 percent faster than the LPDDR2 RAM, we have had devices already running 2GB RAM previously, example being the Dual-Core version of the Galaxy S III selling in the US, the Galaxy Note II and the South Korean variant of the Galaxy S III. However, Samsung has also started mass producing 128GB eMMC for mobile devices. This was announced at the Samsung Mobile Solutions Forum 2012. Now the 128GB mass storage has been associated with the Galaxy S III although this could also be included in future Samsung Tablets ensuring the gap bridge between 128GB SSD Ultrabooks and tablets.

We might be aware that the reason 13Mp camera did not show up on the Galaxy Note II was reportedly the lack of Sony to unveil the sensors in the mass numbers needed for production of the second Samsung phablet. So based on this it would be easy to assume that Samsung would want all components ready for software testing, and for a device to be announced on March, it would naturally need to be complete by January, these things take long. We would love your opinions on this in the comments.