Samsung ATIV S Hands-on [Gallery]

Samsung ATIV S

I had a chance to put my hands on the Samsung’s only Windows phone 8 smartphone, the Samsung ATIV S. This was during the Samsung Galaxy Note II Global tour in Cape Town. It was an awesome event, but I didnt let the awesomeness of the Galaxy Note II make me miss the first Windows phone 8 device I ever laid my eyes on. Ofcourse I have since seen(not held) the Lumias 920 and 820, HTC 8s and HTC 8x at a later event at the launch of Windows 8. I liked what I saw on the Samsung ATIV S, the build, the look at the back, the large screen size, (did I ever mention that I love screens larger than 4.3 inch and 4.8 has come to be the optimum for me?) and also what was inside-Windows phone 8. Let’s delve straight into the juicy pictures.Samsung ATIV S

Notice how the back cover looks like, including the speaker panel design. It’s curvy, but not like the Galaxy S III which was supposed to be the device who’s hardware and looks it inherited. This device is available in only one colour, and that’s in this brushed Silvery grey. The front is not much eventful, just live tiles, but the screen lock is that we got on the Galaxy S III minus the water droplets unlock feel. There is the front physical button with a Windows 8 logo and two capacitive buttons side by side. The front camera is there on the right of the earpiece, that includes the call sensor for disabling the screen during calls. The live tiles are all Windows 8 Stock, seems Microsoft was strict on this, No SKINNING! So inside the phone, it feels just like any other Windows phone 8 device, save for a few apps Samsung added, like Music hub.ATIV S Front

I did record a video of myself walking my fingers through the basics in the phone, the apps, settings and homescreen. Let’s see what I brought home. It’s not all inclusive, just a walkthrough, very quick one and silent.

See gallery below for other images: The phone might be available in Kenya before Christmas at around Kshs. 45,000.


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