Samsung hits the 100 million mark with the Galaxy S smartphone Series

Samsung Galaxy 100 million

Samsung Galaxy 100 million

Late last year Samsung announced very nice stats of shipments for the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II. LG, not to be left out, went ahead and announced something, which was actually the total number of devices shipped on the the LG Optimus Vu Series as opposed to Samsung which was doing per-device results. These are two devices. Seems Samsung didn’t take the challenge lying down and has since announced that they have done a total of 100,000 (100 million) devices on the Galaxy S brand that has made Samsung Mobile the smartphones giant globally.

That’s a huge number for the flagship devices over three years. There is quite several variations of each specific to mobile carriers and some iterations like the S plus to cater for some hardware features that were nagging for some, but all the same, these go under the name of the mother flagship device. And the figures are still growing with each successor doing almost twice better than the predecessor. How long do you think Samsung can sustain this?

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