Samsung shipped 213 million smartphones in 2012

Samsung 213 million smartphones

Samsung 213 million smartphones

Samsung has released an infographic that shows that 1 in every 3 smartphones shipped in 2012 was a Samsung smartphone. This is quite visible even in our surroundings. Samsung reports that they now have over 30% of the global Smartphone Marketshare which is quite a leap from the company that was an underdog in 2009. Global shipments of smartphones for year 2012 stand at 213 million, and to put visually, that’s more than the whole of Brazil, which at 200 million, is the 5th largest country in the world.

What’s even interesting is that the interest for Samsung phones is still rising. Looks like they are appealing to more users from across the board, low end, mid range and high end to capture the whole market. Samsung is known to make different iterations of devices with minimal specs difference, and surprisingly, these sell. A critic recently called this a strategy of throw em to the wall and see what sticks.


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