Galaxy S 4 mini is actually four variants, Samsung site reveals

Samsung Galaxy S 4 mini GT-I9190

Galaxy S 4 mini variantsThe Samsung Galaxy S 4 mini who’s live photos leaked some 48 hours ago already have some supporting documents. And they are family. A twitter user revealed this search on Samsung support website showing four variants of the Galaxy S 4 small sister. These are the:

  • GT-I9190 which is the HSPA+ version with Quad-Core CPU
  • GT-I9192 which is a Dual-SIM HSPA+ with Dual-Core CPU
  • GT-I9195 which is the LTE variant
  • GT-I9198, a Chinese variant, possibly CDMA

Nothing else has come out so far, at-least going by what has reached us.

What can we read of this?

What Samsung put in the Galaxy S 3 mini was underwhelming, at-least running by expectations after the Galaxy S 4 packed some high resolution, huge battery and some Quad-Core juice. Galaxy S 3 mini, although accordingly priced, received alot of aaahs from reviewers and critics online. They expected a smaller Galaxy S III with just the screen size change. If these details up here are true, then Samsung was twice shy about it and decided to release options for quad-core and dual-core to be the good guy. Or what do you think?



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