Samsung plan to sell 10M Galaxy S 4 feasible after selling 6 million

Galaxy S4

Galaxy S4Samsung earlier in the year set targets of reaching 10 million sales of the Galaxy S 4. It seemed distant, but after shipping 6 million devices by May 10th, this is not a pipe dream. Samsung shipped 4 million Galaxy S 4 in 4 days of April from the 26th and the end of the month, a sign that things are only better.
Samsung has created so much confidence in their brand and flagship that both consumers and retailers are beating themselves over who gets the device first. Samsung Galaxy S 4 was the first device to undergo pre-orders in Kenya, a show of confidence even from the local carriers in Kenya
This is progress from Samsung who did 10 million in two months for the Galaxy S 3 and 10 million for the Galaxy S2 in 150 days. 30 days seems so possible for the Galaxy S 4 as Samsung expects.


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